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01/01/2021 6:06 AM

Our role is to offer you the best choice

Seo Enabler was officially launched in Jan 2020 with the simple idea that we needed to provide visibility space for Free Seo Tools that can play an important role in business growth. Thanks to our team constantly looking for the best free Seo tools, but also thanks to the innovative publishers who join us every day and to the thousands of users who share their opinions.

By using our SEO checker site, you know how to improve your business; visibility and web rankings. Our Free online services have scanned more than: 650,000 web sites; 52 million web pages; Our website analysis tools are used in more than 50 countries by some of the world's largest organizations.

This site offers real free tools to optimize SEO. Tools, Tools, nothing but free seo tools. Good surfing and don't hesitate to give feedback on these tools, I will take the time to improve them.


SEO is commonly thought of as being first in Google for a phrase. Approaching this concept with this vision seems however outdated:

On the web, SEO is the increase in the visibility of sites by the development of external links pointing to the internal pages of a website.

Often reduced to visibility on search engines, SEO actually applies to the entire web. Indeed, making a link is referring to a document (web pages, images, videos, etc.), so it is referencing this resource on the page from which the link is made.

In short, SEO and Net-Linking (term used by English speakers) mean the same thing and are not limited to (positioning of) search engine results. From the moment you make a link (whether natural, the result of an exchange, an affiliate program or even advertising) you are doing SEO.
Thus SEO = Net-Linking = natural links + paid links.

Optimize your SEO through positioning

Being visible (positioned) in the search tools is to optimize the referencing of your site in their results. This is the main activity of "SEO" agencies: website positioning ( SEO ) in the SERP (search engine result page).
To generate quality traffic by being correctly referenced / visible in the results of search tools, it is above all necessary to understand how search engines work.

Search engines position the documents (in the natural results) of reference on a theme / expression. How can we ensure that our documents become the reference documents in their field / thematic?

To analyze the relevance of a page and position it, search tools mainly analyze their content but also their authority on the web (whether or not it is certified by third parties through relevant Net-Linking ).

Three actions result from this behavior:

  • How to become THE reference in your field or be sufficiently popular and legitimate on a theme / expression?
  • How to organize and write relevant content for SEO and also to be the reference in his field?
  • How to publish this content to put it forward?

Why SEO Tools?

SEO ENABLE Tools thus offers free Seo tools to answer these three questions.