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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Humans are still perplexed by artificial intelligence (AI) and ethics. In the mid-nineteenth century, numerous people were concerned about the impact of artificial intelligence on people. In that year, when Christopher Strachey introduced his AI-driven checkers program at the University of Manchester in England, people were already asking if human-mimicking machines could be harmful to humanity. Today, depending on who is giving the response, AI is either a crucial tool in moving society toward a peaceful, harmonious future or the most significant hazard to humanity. In the business world and...
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Bias in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Addressing

As AI becomes more human-like, it's becoming clear that human bias is influencing technology in negative, potentially dangerous ways. Here, we look at how AI and bias are linked and what steps are being taken to minimize the influence of bias in AI applications. AI and Bias Questions to Answer 1. What Is The Effect Of Biased AI On Automated Decision Systems? Artificial intelligence has grown in popularity as its use in decision-making procedures has become more widespread. Predictive analytics algorithms can often do the work of humans much quicker...
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AI Is the Future — and It's Time We Embrace It

Chadha is the founder, CEO, and CIO of HGM Fund, a family office based in Santa Monica, California. Chadha serves as co-founder of Rule 14, a data-mining platform based in Santa Monica, California, and Irving, Texas-based Exela Technologies, a business process automation (BPA) firm. Intelligence growth is nothing new. These days, it's simply taking on a more technological form. Some inventions appear to emerge instantly, while others require years of development. When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), most people are probably happy to go slow since the prospects are...
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Are We Ready for Quantum Artificial Intelligence?

  The others on the panel were: Chris Fall, Ph.D., senior adviser, president's office, Center for Strategic and International Studies; Scott Friedman, senior policy advisor, House Homeland Security Committee; Allison Schwartz, global government relations and public affairs leader of D-Wave Systems; and Kate Weber, Ph.D., Google's policy lead for quantum. Dr. Fall began by pointing out that quantum computing is fundamentally different from current computer technology, and the technology has tremendous potential for solving problems now considered unsolvable, such as accurately...
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How the Automotive Industry is Using AI

  The automobile sector is often at the cutting edge of innovation. For decades, it has been employing robots on assembly lines. More recently, it has been among the industrial pioneers in artificial intelligence (AI). Semi-autonomous and autonomous driving are two of the most significant challenges currently being confronted in the automobile industry. These vehicles have a plethora of sensors, cameras, processors, radar systems, and other technologies that generate a tremendous amount of data in order to avoid collisions, navigate in traffic, respond to signage, stay in lanes, come...
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